How to use MyTPE as an athlete management system?

Athlete management system

The athlete management system is designed for amateur and professional sport organisations who want to maximise the performance of their teams and identify the individual talent of the athletes. We provide a complete athlete management system for an individual athlete, a single team, a club with multiple teams, a federation or even an entire university.

You decide

No one knows your goals better than you: that's why we deliver the tools and you decide how to use them.

Track players

MyTPE can track the progression of players over many years.

Show reports

MyTPE can efficiently present selected data for each player through a powerful reports feature which digs into all the data you have on each player.

Follow progression

MyTPE can follow the progression of a young player from your club up to the professional level.

Share files

MyTPE allows you to share specific (video) files with individuals or groups of players for them to review, download and comment around.

Get notified

MyTPE has an integrated notification and messaging system to increase the communication in your team and ensure that everybody receives all the information they need.

Help organise

MyTPE has a calendar to help organise your team with group, individual and private appointments.

Answer questionnaires

MyTPE gives you the ability to create questionnaires to gather as much data as you want from your team.

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